E-commerce :

Now have your chance in the WorldWide market

We provide a personalized web shopping experience without sacrificing accessibility to products.
A professional quality and industry standard website will help your company sell your products or services online.
Our back-end solution lets the merchant update store contents and prices, and much more, without having to learn complex database manipulation.
We'll find robust applications, e-commerce web site design solutions for all your needs. Contact ScSystems salesofficer right now and start selling worldwide.

Eventual benefits that you may have from e-commerce

- Increase your sales and profits:
Online commerce will definitely increase your sales and with it profits.

- Enhance your company image:
Today, even small companies understand the importance of having a website. Planned, sophisticated and professional website createspositive image of the company and help building brand name.

- Improve customer service:
Frequently Asked Questions pages, forums, Internal Messaging Service, chat lines, etc. all these features help you effectively running your customer service.

- Become a global player:
Thanks to the reach of Internet you are no longer confined to a certain geographical boundary any more. You can sell products to any place of the world 24 hours a day.

- Market products and services:
There are numerous ways of getting traffics on your site and popularize your products. In fact, you can get more people in your web store than it is physically possible to receive in a shop.

- Compete with large companies:
On the Internet you may successfully compete with the grands of your industry and even curve market shares out of them.

- Low start-up costs:
Normally, starting a business requires significant cost involvement. On the Internet - opposite is true! To start a business online you hardly need any major investment.

What do you need to have your international markets

In an e-commerce sales channel you find all of these elements as well, but they change slightly.
You must have the following elements to conduct ecommerce: - A product
- A place to sell the product - in e-commerce, a Web site displays the products in some way and acts as the place
- A way to get people to come to your Web site
- A way to accept orders - normally an on-line form of some sort
- A way to accept money - normally a merchant account handling credit card payments. This piece requires a secure ordering page and a connection to a bank.
Or you may use more traditional billing techniques either online or through the mail.
- A fulfillment facility to ship products to customers (often outsource-able).
In the case of software and information, however, fulfillment can occur over the Web through a file download mechanism.
- A way to accept returns: Sometimes customers do not like what they buy, so you need a way to accept returns.
You may or may not charge certain fees for returns, and you may or may not require the customer to get authorization before returning anything.
- A way to handle warranty claims if necessary
- A way to provide customer service (often through email, on-line forms, online knowledge bases and FAQs, etc).